Chris has been studying intensely with Jeff Goldblum and Robert Carnegie at Playhouse West for over six years and has performed many plays there.  His commercials include Volkswagen’s “Da Da Da” Golf ad.  Feature films credits: It Burns When I Laugh, Trapped (San Diego Film Festival favorite), and St. Patrick’s Day (w/ Piper Laurie). 
Nori Jill Phillips
Nori Jill has acted in many films including More Than Meets the Eye, I Love You.Com, First Time Again, and Ms. Arizona's Photo Session.  She has a BFA in Theater Arts from CSU Sacramento and has been part of the repertory theater and senior advanced class at Playhouse West for over four years.. 
Vince Jolivette
Vince has over a dozen years of film and video experience.  Some include: Hangman, Pumped Then Dumped, Clinton Chronicles, Prairie Dogs, and Auggie Rose.  He has studied with Robert Carnegie at Playhouse West for over six year.     
Kimberly Liebe
Kim has been in numerous recent films including: Legion, Nights of Serenity, Double Treat, and George Gray.  She's studied acting with Jeff Golblum and Robert Carnegie for over three years.     
Sean Michael Allen
Sean can also be seen in the 2002 release of Some Body, from Next Wave Films and Lot 47.  As well as Love, Sex, and Murder, currently showing on HBO. He has appeared in many commercials and television shows as well as other films.  The short film he directed, Betrayal, can be seen on iFilm.  He enjoys collaborating on independent projects for the fun and personal nature of them.     
David Garrett
Dave has appeared in various films including Fuzzy Logic, Last Resort, and Home Movies.  He wrote and produced the award winning short film Sunday's Game.  He also wrote the hit movie Corky Romano starring Chris Kattan and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo staring Rob Schneider.    
Richie Magallanes
Rich co-produced and starred in First time Again, acted in Some Body (Sundance feature category - picked up by lot 47), Harvest of Fire (Hallmark Hall of Fame), Back in Business (HBO), The Lonely's (Chicago film festival), and  portrayed boxer Johnny Tapia in Gammers.    
Dr. Paul Molinaro
(E.R. Doctor)
Paul has been dividing his time between two full-time careers, filmmaking and medicine, for the past ten years. After graduating New Jersey Medical School in 1991, he's been involved in the making of several films, including award winning short, The Lonelys, and has prov ided medical consultations to dozens of scripts.    
Gerry Katzman
(Pizza Guy)
Gerry is a professional actor (HBO's Sharktank Redemption, White Trash, Corey The Clown), Magician (The Magic Castle), and comedian (The Improv, The Ice-House).  He learned acting with Jeff Goldblum at Hollywood's Playhouse West and can be seen on  He loves funk music, Thai food, and women with Swedish sounding names like "Helga."  His agents are The Gage Group.    
Jim graduated from U.C. Davis with a degree in Psychology.  He has been studying at Playhouse West for five years and can be seen summer 2002 (if you look really carefully) dodging explosions in the John Woo/Nicholas Cage World War II actioner Windtalkers.    
Josh is a professional actor. He has worked on several films including:  First Time Again, Prom Dates, and Angels Don't Sleep Here.  His television credits include:  Ryan Caulfield: Year One, City of Angels, The Seventh Day, and Tuesdays with Maurie.    
(Frantic Guy)
Ian has appeared at numerous comedy clubs across the country.  He's written and directed two films including the feature It Burns When I Laugh in which he also played one of the lead roles and the festival bound short Dual.  He's done many voices for radio and animation characters.    
(Angry Mom)
Sue has been seen in Ronnie which was featured in Slamdance 2002.  She also appeared in Heartland, Some Body (which went to Sundance in 2001) and the award winning The Lonelys.  Her television credits include The Naked Truth.    

Betheny was the co-host on Game Show Network's Extreme Gong.  She has appeared in a variety of films including: Thy Neighbor's Wife, Vampire Night, Camp Blood, Angel Canyon, and Lucky 13.  She also has extensive experience working on commercials and infomercials.    
Laura Milar
Chip Raines
John Miller
Liza Raynes
  (Father McDonough)  
(Frantic Girl)
Sandy Kipp
Peg Baldwin
Tim Mason
Kristina Thames
Phil Dozier
Justin Hedges
Jeanine Cirrito (to be)
Joe Cirrito
(Derek Jeter)
(Mean Dude)
Proposal Girl
Proposal Guy
(Actual Proposal)