Production Staff    
(Writer) (Producer)
Chris has been involved in the production of about a dozen films.  Whether acting, writing, or working behind the scenes, the Tufts University graduate and former engineer has keenly studied all aspects of the production and development of the motion pictures he's worked on, many of them award winning.  Other screenplays of his include:  Where There's a Will, No Morafini, Cadillac Sophie, Help Yourself, and Under Way...Ontario.   
Wayne has over fifteen years experience directing.  Most recently he directed the video segments of the syndicated Card Sharks.  He has directed episodes of Spy TV, Circus of the Stars, and Totally Hidden Video.  He also directed  recreations for Real Stories of the Highway Patrol and followed contests for the Dick Clark syndicated series Your Big Break.  The TLC series A Baby Story garnered an Emmy nomination the year Wayne was directing.   
Gwen has worked in various departments of Sony Pictures Entertainment for five years.  For the past two years, she has been working as a Project Coordinator at Pat Sajak's P.A.T. Productions.  She was the associate producer for the children's video Space Case.  She also has a master's degree in production from Boston University.     
(Director of Photography)
Dave has over a dozen years of film and video experience.  He recently completed Alien Hunter and The Galaxy's Wackiest Videos for the SciFi Channel.  Feature films include: The Last Mountain (screened at HDFest 2000 and the CamerImage Polish Film Festival), A Long Road to Travel, Graced, Neomortalism, and Eric Rucker's Evangelists (featuring the music of John Carpenter).  Smith also taught digital video production for the Orange County High School of the Arts in the late 90's.     
(Unit Production Manager)
Mark has over fifteen years experience in the industry.  He is currently working on The Shield for FX Network.  Recent projects include the feature films: Grace, The Crime, In The Grape, The Rat Pack, and The Christmas Story.  Television shows include:  Party of Five, Felicity, Beverly Hills 90210, and Resurrection Boulevard.  He has also done  music videos for: Elton John, Michael Jackson, Joe Cocker, U2, and The B52’s.     
Rick Greenawalt
Will Costillo
Carolyn Chesler
John Boyd
Aaron Garcia
(1st AD)
(2nd AD)
(Script Supervisor)
(2nd Unit DP)
(Camera Operator)
Drew Courtney
Jim Carretta
Bill Kendzierski
Justin Hedges
Aline Gram
(Sound Engineer)
(Key Grip)
(Camera Assistant)
(Boom Operator)
Kristina Thames
Mark Bain
Liza Raynes
Kristina Holland
Chip Raines
(Craft Services)
(SAG Liaison)
Production Assistant
Additional Crew Members -
Michelle Pizanis
(Assistant Camera)
Mike Schneider
(Sound Engineer)
Brian Hardin
(Sound Design)
Phillip Caruthers