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The songs on Emotional Wreck mimic the stages of grief we go through when a relationship ends. First you fight, then you blame, then you’re mad, then you’re sad, then you beg, then you grovel; eventually, you realize that, really, in order to get over someone, you have to get on someone else.

Songs like Passive Aggressive reflect upon the cute little problems that get blown out of proportion in every dysfunctional relationsh. 
The Ghost of Your Ex
, is written for dates who can't stop talking about their ex-boyfriends. 
Don’t Pass Out is a rant against excessive drinking, especially before the most important moment of the night. 
See You Next Tuesday shows that the songwriter is still fluent in his native east coast tongue, especially in the last line of the song which impressively uses the same word six times.
The album ends on my new approach to women, Booty Call.






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