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After I completed Sensitive Johnson and before the Emotional Wreck project started, I had a number of songs that had no home.  So I set out to record them as a live album.   This performance,  perhaps one of my best, included fresh tunes that had yet to be heard live as well as often requested songs that were not yet available on any recordings.

The Lover Abundance Blues - It seems like I can go months with out meeting anyone I'm romantically interested in. But when that month comes, why do they show up in groups?
I Want is about as honest a song that I've ever written.  It's a stream of conscious rant.  I tried to be serious, but some lines are the funniest I think I've written.  I hope Paul Simon is cool with it.
When I tried to cheer up my girlfriend with the birthday song I wrote for her, You're Turning 30, I failed.  She cried then broke up with me.  But it's my most requested song.
I Kissed a Lesbian.  Does that make me gay?
Whether it's a car or a girl it's still sad, but every now and then you've got to Trade In the old for the new.
Probably my favorite version of my closer.  Not only did they demand an encore, listen to them sing the chorus.   The best Booty Call is when everyone contributes.







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