Chris Valenti & The Emotional Wrecks
Live at the Ventura Theater


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We openned for The Violent Femmes at the Majestic Ventura Theater in July 07. It was a great show. We played five of our full band crowd pleasers - Boyfriend, Passive Aggressive, Heidi, First Wife, and Booty Call. The Femmes' fans loved it. I couldn't have had a better night - even if I had the use of both eyes at the time (I played the show two days after surgery on my left cornea - I accidently punctured it with a blunt object. It happens.)

The eight piece Wreck band included: myself, Gregg Sartiano (lead guitar), Greg Panos (bass), Gary Patterson (drums) and the Emotional Wreckettes - Pam Mclean, Heather Fields, and Renee Wilson.

I've also included live bonus tracks of songs performed by the full band that haven't been recorded in the studio yet. Each tune has an accompanying video. Your Car, No Where To Go, Wreckage in Roswell, I Miss Her..., Everyone Can Be Replaced, and It's Hard To Find Someone Good Enough For Me (with Dr. Phil in the video.) Jim Carretta's music video Booty Call rounds out the DVD.






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